CHEMIX School 3.51

CHEMIX School 3.51: CHEMIX School - Chemistry Software for Students and Chemists CHEMIX School is an educational tool for learning chemistry. It is geared toward college-level chemistry, but is also appropriate for high-school students, chemists and teachers. It is equipped with a periodic table, molecular 3-D viewer, curve fit, conversion table, dictionary, and advanced calculators for molecules, thermochemistry, electrochemistry, weak acid/base/buffers, solubility (Ksp), gas equations, spectroscopy, stoichiometry and more.

Atoms, Bonding and Structure 2.0: Unique interactive multimedia Chemistry teaching software.
Atoms, Bonding and Structure 2.0

Unique interactive multimedia Chemistry teaching software which tests students as they learn. Topics covered include: elements, compounds, mixtures, structure of materials, bond energies and the Periodic Table. Plus interactive simulations to teach atomic structure, ionic bonding and covalent bonding. Written for use in schools, but an excellent personal tutor for anyone beginning to study Chemistry.

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Atoms, Symbols and Equations 4.0: Unique interactive multimedia Chemistry teaching software.
Atoms, Symbols and Equations 4.0

Unique interactive multimedia Chemistry teaching software that tests students as they learn. Topics covered include: elements, atoms and molecules, word equations, chemical symbols, Periodic Table and chemical formulas. Plus interactive simulations to teach the balancing of chemical equations and the formulas of ionic compounds. Written for use in schools, but an excellent personal tutor for anyone beginning to study Chemistry.

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EquationsPro 8.3: Software engineering tools for professionals and students.
EquationsPro 8.3

EquationsPro is a chemical engineering,mathematical and chemistry program. Software suitable for chemistry,chemical engineering students and professionals. Solves 400+ chemical/electrical/mechcanical engineering, physics, and mathematical equations. Contains 200+ unit conversions, Solve and plot graphs using the Zgraphs program. & more.

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ChemDBsoft Academic Lite: Simple software to create and manage chemistry databases and lab notebooks
ChemDBsoft Academic Lite

chemistry databases on the Internet. Import/Export formats supported: SDF, MOL, JC, JCAMP, TXT, LST, and NIST MS Calculation and prediction tools include: prediction of lipophilicity, solubility and the corresponding pH-dependent profiles and drug absorption (QSAR properties LogP, LogC, LogSw/Solubility and FA/absorption); diversity and similarity analysis; high-throughput screening and combinatorial chemistry module; MASS/NMR/IR spectra management

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Science Helper For Ms Word 2.2: Easily add 1200 Scientific Graphs & Charts to your word docs.
Science Helper For Ms Word 2.2

chemistry, electronic and more with over 1200 refined diagrams and signs which have been collected from a wide range of sources. it`s a very useful tool which can used to assist with making homework of physics, chemistry and math graphs in Word documents. This program is valuable; in particular, to teachers, students and office workers. Before installing Science Helper For Ms Word, Your computer must have been installed the Ms Word, which suggests

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SimAddy 3.4.1: Manage Sim friends and careers, make matches based on chemistry in The Sims 2
SimAddy 3.4.1

This simple program keeps track of who is friends with who in The Sims or The Sims 2 game. Select the career path and level for your sims to see who is available at a given hour before you try calling them. Manage your Sims` relationships with Matchmaker - keep track of the chemistry and/or romance between Sims, match them up based on good chemistry, and find out if a sim is married before flirting!

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